A.S.I. ? Or job hunting?



I stumbled over a super interesting article by you on Quora.
Then I clicked the link, and BOOM: Basiux. I was sold at the very first sentence.

But here's the thing:
- So hard to get in touch with you
- No clear message on website on how you plan to attain your goal (ASI)
- And when you eventually pass the pain-in-the-ass'ish process of signing up to cregox etc... what do we see? Job hunting. Design. Q&A's about your job.
Dude, that's disappointing.

On one of your posts you (early posts I believe) you say they're only 3 people on your mailing list. Don't wonder why.

So all that to say that it's really a shame. Your article on Quora was brilliant. Your wordpress just makes people want for more or be a part of the big adventure. But looks like you don't really take care of this (maybe I'm wrong and you do, but it really doesn't look like you do, and that's a huge communication mistake), and it's hardto get the clear message, so even harder to actually engage your audience to your project.

Anyway, just a point of view from someone interested by ASI that found your comment awesome (and quite into marketing and communication..).



Re-read my post and realized it can be understood in a wrong way. So don't get me wrong, this post is about improving your idea/plan. I get the fact that you need to work/eat/live/sleep, but you should definitely separate that from Basiux.

Don't know why I can't stop applying for jobs
Trying to explain the basiux road to Singularity to a 6 year old!

Hey Seb, I'm really glad you could go through it all to give me this supporting message. Thanks! :smile:

I'm Caue, and I'm the guy behind basiux. It is mostly just a name to my research project, but as such, I don't want it to be mine at all. Reason why I try to build an image of an organisation - because that's what I want it to be. In fact, I've only made it because I found mostly nothing being done in AI that's in the direction I'd expect it to be. Maybe there is, DeepMind and FutureOfLife could be really well aligned - but I could talk to nobody there yet. Really hard to find someone there and I'd argue one big reason is they're not all that open to communicating, which in itself is a big problem.

"Hard to get in touch with me / us" was a bit of a surprise, but yeah, I completely agree there's so much to improve on basiux.com , including contact options and removing that link to these forums! Last night I was in fact trying to create a dedicated discourse to basiux, which isn't cheap...

There is, however, a lot more you can read about if you keep following the links (even right there on basiux, which is made in a much better platform than wordpress by the way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and things are slowly happening. I think you're the first such random reach out someone made on basiux and the way you were impacted by it means the world to me!

I'd be interested to know which Quora article in specific were you referring to, and to talk more with you about basiux's plans and possible actions. It is all still a subject I'm studying, just not as much as I'd like to.

For instance: do you have any ideas on how to attain the goal?

ASI might be impossible and basiux approach might be wrong. I'm trying to validate it in every way I can, but I'm still quite alone in that specific quest.

Got a partner for trying to develop one more immediate MVP, we're working on two ideas. Got a few members on the meetup group to talk more about the whole thing, but it was just 1 meeting so far with 2 people.

My main problem with dedicating more time to basiux is "simple": resources. Got none. I'm currently freelancing to pay the bills, and not making enough even for that. It will get better, many things happened to improve that condition, but it is going slowly. If I could find a way to finance this, I'd be going full throttle on it. This is what I want to do for my life! :wink:

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Thanks for your quick reply. Send me your address and I'll send you an email later today with a few ideas I have, what I think can be fixed right now, and why I think your actually don't need money right now. (As well as a few tips to get some clients when you're freelancing).

However, I know almost nothing about programming yet. Except sume super basic JavaScript, which won't help there. But that subject is extremely interesting and I'm quite confident on the fact that some of my ideas are worth listening to.

Talk to you later!


You can send to [email protected] but, if you don't mind, I sure prefer talking here on discourse rather than emails. You could send me PM's and you can even do it in your email client - I'll send you a PM and you can just reply to it there!

There's some power for communicating with possibility of editing, sharing and searching all within the same topic.


Quick update:


original @fbmac post

That is, in my humble opinion, a huge mistake researchers do very often. One big reason I never liked academia as some place I might want to be, once I started college.

Explain it to me as if I were a 6 year old, else you don't really understand it yourself

No idea where that quote is from, who said it or how accurate I'm replicating it, but it speaks for itself.