A video and animated text question


Hi again,

I have some "bugs" on this site caused by one of your script. https://clockworkstudio.squarespace.com/#produksjoner-cw-section

The gallery should be shown as a 3 x 3 grid, and not as a vertical list. If you resize your browser window, the gallery works nice again.

I asked Squarespace support about this, and they answered:

Hey again Tor,

Thanks for your patience while we took a closer look at this on our end. Let me explain what we found so far.

In this case, it seems one of the code block added into the page content for the 'Folk' page is currently causing this issue. We have been able to reproduce this on one of our test sites. I've attached a video of this for your reference to this email.

That means, removing the code blocks within the site should allow the Summary block to work normally.

Could you please look at your script to see if its interferring with the galley.

Here is a video from squarespace support: http://we.tl/nzmOJQEbhv

Thank you in advance.

Tor Martin Norvik


Indeed it looks like it's something on the script, but not only my fault at all. Their gallery script have something to blame too...

And it's again thanks to that same .sqs-gallery-container script there. Just those 4 lines of code mess up the gallery, for whatever reason.

In any case, since I could quickly debug this after finding it, I've just removed them, and done the hiding in another way. Hope this will be more "bug" proof in the future! :wink:


Thank you very much :smile: