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Curated list of cool and free stuff we find. Those may be last for a very limited time!

Why "free goodies", though? I believe most good things in life must be for free, in one way or another. The current financial system model is broken and that's a big reason why basiux was made non profit. Truth is I don't know of a better system and it's still one of our best technologies ever invented, which people struggle a lot to comprehend as being a tech, but it's still broken nonetheless. :smile:

This started as a small mailing I used to send out with AppShopper recommendations on apps I'd follow that were not free and then they were either turned into free or going into a brief promotion period.

Wished there were such an AppShopper watcher service for Android... Mac... Amazon... Well, anything really! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why the "financial system" is broken