Announcing summarized buffer posts, now categorized and which may contain more details


Testing how an animated gif will go through so many automations into the final buffer chain.

I just reduced topic length to 111 (room to link back here on twitter). And this is the first post of many - everything I do will be centralized in here and divided by categories so... If you want to follow a specific theme, you can just subscribe to a category and get notified by email. Else, you may continue to use your favorite social media channel and when they allow me to separate posts by themes as well in an automated way, I'll surely do! :wink:

For now, I'm automating everything through buffer, thus the name of this category. G+ would allow to have collections, but I still can't split categories from here into there in an automated way, plus there's not enough feedback from that channel so just fuck it.

Finally... Cheers! :cherry_blossom:


weeaboos :weary:


you're probably self depicting. I don't care where the GIF comes from.

in facebook and linkedin it wasn't animated, though, and twitter wouldn't even show any picture! :frowning: imho, all those annoying "social media" outlets are basically trying to reinvent the "www" wheel for no good reason and (at least technically) mostly failing miserably.


Started buffer with 2 categories. Now we've got 4 (first social, then films)! :slightly_smiling:

This should go not much more than 6 categories, I now think... The most important technical aspect here is keeping the filter and compression high, as to maintain a small but very relevant data flow.