Artificial neural networks, startup pirates and open Ai


a biological network that resembles neural ones

It's as if Elon Musk was aware of us... But probably wasn't. And still really isn't.

6 days ago he announced the group formation. I tried joining them as soon as possible, but they're a team of "just" 9 folks looking only for exceptionally experienced engineers / ai researchers and I was already not selected.

Open ai is, indeed, the first group I found that's doing Ai research the way we in basiux believe it should be done, for the longest time: open sourced and non profit. Except, they still don't have a nice forum, for whatever reason, and so they're not really going all open just yet.

I guess I'll be doing quite some ranting after all...

But I am in fact thrilled that they now exist! First and foremost, Elon is the best guy to lead this path today. And it's awesome to realize I was so aligned with his thoughts after all.

After that announcement (and even before), a lot of things already happened, other than media obvious and expected explosion around it. Facebook also opened their Ai research and Google had done so some weeks before. Big Ai is becoming real really fast.

Only problem, in my humble opinion, is people are still clueless of what Ai even is.

I'm still to see a project as good as Tamagotchi X to be made, which can bring such knowledge to people... If things keep going this fast, maybe before the end of the year some of the big guys will also make a much more polished version of it, like openai was to basiux! :blush:

I'll have to re-invent myself once again, and I'll officially have lost that train. Probably. And to think it all may have happened just because I didn't vote 3 times on myself, back on the startup pirates first day, idea selection... I like to think it was all to a good reason.

In any case, it is very cool to see so up close how things are happening, and I'm glad to be alive in such an age in human evolution! :smile:

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