Banner images cut off :/



Hey @Kate, I'm fine and you? smile

I'm not sure what happened there, but I noticed it was not only being cut off, the bottom was also with an extra room. Like a misplaced puzzle piece. I quickly fixed it by changing the height() in this line into outerHeight():

    topRef = $('header#header').outerHeight();

So I suppose something was changed on the header that made the previous code not work, but this is how I should have done it to begin with anyway.

Hope that's all. wink



Thank you so very much Caue!

I have a project coming up that I have a question for you on… I am using the Bryant template for a client site. Can you add in multiple buttons on the header image instead of just the one that I can achieve using the site description box?

If so, what would be the cost to have 4 buttons across the header? Could you make this happen with CSS?

Thanks so much! Kate

Multiple buttons on header, with a popup email form

Hi Caue,

I have a follow up question on the CSS question below. I am wondering what the cost would be for you to add in 3 buttons on the header of the bryant template that have the ability to “pop up” with a form that says “coming soon” and have a space to leave an email address?

Does this make sense?

Thanks! Kate

Multiple buttons on header, with a popup email form