Basiux - from neural networks to ai singularity, the new slogan created after a sharktank application


today I went to do a 3 minutes pitch in a portuguese sharktank and it was so much better than I could hope for! okay, they did dismiss me in less than 5 minutes total, while they did stay with other people in there for over 10 minutes, but this was basically their feedback:

  • "you're either insane or a genius, we have no clue what's your product"

  • "we're too dumb to understand what you're talking about" - to which I immediately replied something like "no, I'm pretty sure I'm the fucktard who can't explain it right" and they laughed. :smile:

  • "bring us a prototype" - this was a hint from my friend who was in the jury there (if not for her, I wouldn't be writing this post here). I was a bit surprised and quickly said "here, it's in my pocket. want to see?". "no, just apply it online. maybe we'd still call you"

now I need to get this ready ASAP! (the application pdf needs to be completely remade, of course)

Can you help me out?

it's already clear the video has to show a prototype (even if it doesn't exist yet, because it's not complete - just in beta) and it has to show the scientific evidence supporting the claim, which needs to be researched online and compiled.

PS: if you don't know about shark tank

Thanks to MarI/O, time to focus on ai

just got some relevant news on my email:

the pitch I've done was basically talking about this very exact topic. how to solve the unhealthy social dynamics we're living in. people getting burnouts, more and more sabbaticals and no career. yes, it's very different wording, but it's precisely the same topic and I can see an easy solution for this, which I bet would be quite unique among the 200 participants there.

probably, like I couldn't convince the shark, I won't find anyone there willing to buy it though.

the point here is making another pitch to the sharks, but this pitch I've just created might have a much better chance in this event.

U$160 round trip tickets for 2 nights (as of right now). probably another U$ 100 ~ 200 for a bed, unless I can find some couch surfing. plus food, unless the couch comes with snacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

oh, the irony... in my mind, here I am with a solution to "end poverty" in the long run but looks like I'm counting my own bucks on the short run. I once believed this was everything wrong with me, now I know it's actually mostly due to the falling society. quite arrogant thing to say, I know. even labeling this as "arrogant" is part of that "unhealthy social dynamics", though.

anyway, I hope I can make it! :slightly_smiling:


@gustavoforster can you please post here the links you've sent me on facebook and hangout?