Can you make this specific form?


Hi, please look at the following site:

Is it possible to make a form that is similar to the one used at this page?
If yes, what is the estimated time/cost on this project?

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Tor Martin


Yeah, it's sure possible to create any customized form to our will with ease on squarespace by using embedded code or a code block. That from the link there is a simple jQuery slider. We could go much further than that. Just while googling for better solutions I found this instance (although "wowslider" there might cost you something to get a proper license).

The main problem, however, is how to handle data later on.

Using custom code blocks along with sqsp forms, we could probably even take advantage of squarespace submitting system, for emails and google docs (although that might be a bit troublesome for me to implement). But the best thing for analyzing data that can come out of this whole option is a google spreadsheet, which is quite poor in itself.

So, I think maybe the easiest and best way to get a custom form is using a 3rd party service such as formget () or google forms. I guess neither will have such a cool slider, but they will give you much better data visualization later on. Getting to know a few alternatives'es names makes it easy to find even more and compare them:

Depending on what you need and what you're really looking for, I can continue my research here to find you what I'd consider the best way to go forward.

That leads us to the pricing quote, in which I'm just starting to try yet another new approach...

Time / cost

Since this could be "as simple" as setting up a jquery slider there, it will be the minimum of U$ 321 to start working on it before Apr 29th for about 2 workforce hours (please do read this link) and then U$ 123 for every extra one.

I won't give maximum quotes anymore. Instead, I'll just work with what you want to pay. The higher you go, the more I can do. wink


Hi, thanks for your answer. I also posted this Q on Squarespace forum (before I used your forum) - this is the answer I got:

It's technically possible, but the "+ Legg til fler/+Add More/" part of the dynamic form you linked isn't very easy to replicate.

First the good news: dynamically changing input or hidden field values based on sliders, radio buttons, and so on is relatively easy with some JavaScript injection code to manipulate the DOM, the tricky part is dynamically adding new fields.

When you create a form block, Squarespace registers its parameters with the backend, and will only recognize the set amount of input fields you used to build it on submit. You can use JavaScript to dynamically add fields to the form in the DOM, but Squarespace won't recognize them, and will submit the form without passing their values.

HOWEVER, you should be able to create a hidden form field in the Squarespace form builder, use JavaScript to dynamically add/remove input fields, then set the newly created fields to concat their values and dynamically change the hidden field. It's not super elegant, and requires a good amount of custom JavaScript code, but it should be technically possible. Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box form builder solution that will work with Squarespace forms, so making this work will require you getting your hands dirty with JavaScript.


If the client wants a identical form that is used on the reference site:
• nice looking
• "dynamic" loan calculator, you get realtime feedback on how much you should pay each year
• You can add more information
• The data submitted from this form is readable for the client

I have read about several form builder apps, but none of them seems visually striking. And none (that I have seen) has the slider function.

I think squarespace has maybe the nicest "simple" form that is out there, but if we could somehow fuse in some "advanced" functions, it would be interesting.


I love squarespace q&a. smile

Since we're going technical, let me divide this into 2 parts:

Some technical stuff

Using the hidden input fields is a great idea for whatever reason I didn't thought of this time. Funny thing I actually remember I've used that at least once. And he's right, going that route would make it actually quite impossible to add new fields dynamically at will, but it's still trivial with an upper limit.

I didn't know the sqsp forms were actually registered in the backend, but that makes a lot of sense. It's a great way to prevent lots of hacks.

And I didn't realize the form on telefians link you gave had some dynamic fields such as this. I've only noticed it has some hidden input, which we can toggle.

When he says "dynamic" he probably means the page can change depending on user input and, usually, it means communication with the server backend. It's how we separated "static" html pages from "php" back in the days. The term became quite ambiguous after ajax were introduced in the game... A "dynamic" page which changes just by javascript wasn't considered "dynamic", now it's not so simple anymore. This is an important distinction for doing anything with squarespace because we have no access to tweak anything on the backend. As far as I know, even the developer mode offers no acces to it.

To the point

  • Nice looking is a given with anything squarespace. wink
  • The "dynamic" loan calculator as it is done there doesn't communicate with the backend. So that's doable. Even simple.
  • "Adding more information" is too ambiguous to me but, if it's like the reference site which is still a set of questions that are either hidden or shown depending on answering "yes" or "no" to a previous question, then sure, that's even simpler than the calculator. Here's how I'd do it, I found a while ago from another specialist which is nicely done:
  • As for how the data will look for the "client" (another ambiguous term there), it's the same as using the forms right now (as already linked). Either on email, google spreadsheet or mailchimp.

I agree, looks like lots of those form builders aren't very pretty nor quite as customizable as squarespace (or wordpress). Quite sad. Maybe it is a better idea to go with sqsp and then along to use some google scripts to tweak up the data visualization... That combo probably gives us more power to get it the exact way we want it.

And if I'll be focusing on the form only, I can still keep the first minimum quote for starting the job as all of this is pretty much what I had in mind to begin with. blush


Thank you for your great answer. This is now sent to my client, if he want to go for this solution I´ll let you know.

Tor Maritn


Let me add that, by chance, I've noticed does allow custom fields with HTML entries. And it can look pretty. And it even has at least one very different and interesting field (check the signature).

So I find it very likely we could use it if you want.