Cheap philosophical links about the financial rabbit hole


Rabbit found on deviantart - went for bunnies thinking first about Alice's, then hats, then Bugs's... :stuck_out_tongue:

This post started on stackoverflow... Might seem completely unrelated, hope the link makes it at least a bit more clear.

In my humble opinion privacy (oh privacy), security (to be linked, eventually) and even the financial system (more to be said much later on) as a whole must be rethought and remade.

Trying not to suggest (or am I?) I do have a better solution. Just that we need to start looking at it (like to super ai) and in different ways (lots of promised future links huh?).

Automation through technology is killing our current economic models for a lot of people (including me, of course).

I'll keep it this "short" this time, and let the links speak for themselves.