[CNAi 2w] the bitcoin future is determined! (2016 feb 05)


CNAi 2w stands for "codenewbie artificial intelligence biweekly", but that might change soon...

when I join in around minute 11 everything slows down for a while, I was already sleepy and trying to figure out why it was so slow, and it was obviously thanks to my terrible non-fiber 0.5 mbps upstream internet here at historical lisbon center. I promise the broadcast gets better later on, if you enjoy artificial intelligence, science and / or philosophy.

topics touched:

I participate in those since the first one (but unfortunately not in all of them) and I think anyone can join. this is the first one I'm aware that's being broadcast, but just near the ending. Moe does a great job organizing 'em and putting things together, along with the slack channel.

now, this is just in: that hangout may soon become the podcast!!

(as always, to be further edited)

Let's make a podcast?
I pay you $30 for a link in http://cregox.com/t/cnai-2w-the-bitcoin-future-is-determined-2016-feb-05/7841