[ContentChecked] Website Design Modifications


Animated GIFs versus videos on background

Maybe we're not communicating properly here.

Reading again our conversations, I think I could have, completely unintentionally, led you to believe I was a designer. I'm only a Computer Engineer.

I even created this web page, which unfortunatelly I didn't link you before, precisely to prevent such confusions. And that's also why I'm making *all my support tickets public from now on* (moving away from zendesk). **I want to make it very clear who I am and what I do.**

You have every right to be unsatisfied with my job, but we need to clear up 2 points from your message:

  • My due date was Feb 24 and I delivered it on Feb 24.

  • We have long discussions and pictures of what you wanted, and it is all there (at least for a few more days), working as requested, since Feb 24.

After this experience, I've came to learn this simple and fair way to do business, in which both sides have to commit. Half payment upfront.

I hope hearing from you and getting to a mutual agreement for my payment and your delivery, reaching a satisfying result for both sides.