Could you help with building a site like this?


Please look at this site:

It has some very Squarespace looking design, but the scrolling effects is very nice. Also the video in the background in a nice effect.

We are planning a new site for a photographer, and the Maaemo site is a good reference both in design, structure and how the menu is done. It misses a nice way to show a galley, but I reckon that could be implemented.

Is a site like this something you could help us with, and could you say something about price and time?

Tor Martin


Please, do read , if you haven't yet.

I agree, beautiful website, remembers a lot the looks of squarespace, except squarespace would be static (no animations or videos) as of today.

I would love to make a squarespace website look like that! I'm not limited to using squarespace at all. That's only my biggest expertise. We could look for other tools if you want... I just really doubt it will be nearly as good. There aren't many options and I've tried a few (namely weebly, strikingly and wix), and some of them offer other features, such as background video or a more complete ecommerce solution. They do not offer, however, all the "background" features. Those are apparently minor details but they sum up in the end.

Also, squarespace already have a nice gallery, so that would require no work from me.

Here's a quote of what I could do to start with (which is in fact everything I believe is needed to add to squarespace to get to same results):

  • add a full background video
  • set such a scroll animation for every element on the page
  • make the side menu animation and the top of screen book table animation

That should be less than U$ 595 and I could deliver 1 week after getting 50% upfront and admin access. If you want just 1 item, I could make it for less than U$ 213 and I would need my minimum of U$ 91 upfront.

And, just to be clear, this is a plus I'll do included in anything:

  • make all that responsive (work good in all sizes, like maemo already is)


I'm talking to the client now about different approaches, she is a photographer so much attention is around the gallery solution.

The client is now roaming the net for inspiration, and will send me more examples.
I'll address you again when the client shows me some gallery references.

But, what would the cost be if I only need an embedded video background? (This is for another client who work with non military drones) I reckon a video would be nice on a site to show of what filming with drone is capable off.

Tor Martin


For just the background video, it would be less than U$ 213.

And a military drone sounds very scary! stuck_out_tongue

Reading again, sounds like a video for "showing what whatever is capable off" won't be really good as a background... I believe a background video should be smooth, discrete and soundless. But, well, I can imagine even such video giving hints on "what something is capable off". smile

PS: Enjoy the costs while they're at that. By next week I shall increase them.