Cregox cast 2 - read my mind, oooh yeah!


try to figure out what's in my mind before clicking here to find out the answer!

are you sure? yay, I found a cancerogenous papaya which tastes good!

if you know me you should be able to guess it properly as the right answer is one filled with 3 elements: logic + art + philosophy.

( still unsure of what's the best category for buffering this... since it's on "help", the request is: come join us! )

now, continuing the discussion from Starting a pod with this making of "cregox cast":

read my mind

rules are simple. host brings up a topic, then write down something about it that other players will have to guess. each player will have a few minutes to give it a shot after a presentation and then the answer will be revealed. so it's basically a riddle in which each player takes turn to take a guess.

it will happen near the cast ending because we're not sure everyone will be online near the beginning. I'll always bring a subject for this game, so we'll talk about PASSAGE (play it at least twice, online if you prefer).

be our guest to bring up a subject for other players trying to read what's in your mind! :wink:

schedule and plans for the future

as the first cast, this one will happen on a Saturday (today) at 22:00 UTC, which means I'll start broadcasting in about 5 hours. all the next ones, in case this one also brings a good result, might get moved to Sundays, at 20 UTC.

let's do this!

link to participate

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