Cregox cast 3 - preparation zero


Continuing the discussion from Cregox cast 2 - read my mind, oooh yeah!:

for this weekend I've got even more on my hands than the first 2, so there's absolutely no preparation! even the time have changed, today (sunday and not saturday) it will start around 21:00 utc so 7 hours from now.

link to participate

boy, I wonder if I'll ever be able to get this better organized... :smile:

so, this was a short one.

as expected, nobody came, so I ended it up sooner. the trilogy is done and over and I'm glad it's finished. now to the next project!

Cast in portuguese

when the disciple is ready , the master appear! .sometimes is boring , i know..speaking alone is not easy! but must the time, you are very interesting,,and intelligent, and beatifull..keep going , son !