Digressing about a hypothetical point-and-shoot to end all point-and-shoots


I was drawn to read this engadget article by its title: Sony's new point-and-shoot is the point-and-shoot to end all point-and-shoots

As it turns out, and as it often happens anywhere, the title was completely misleading. Such an expensive camera with no mention to battery life won't ever be as huge as the article clearly claimed. On the related links, at the bottom of that same page, I've found a much more promising device. A camera powered by light. How awesome is that?! Not much.

The resolution is what you see here:

But still quite amazing. It reminded me of an image recording device I would like, which would be a mix of GoPro and Google Glasses. And it could be done today! If only anyone would assemble it together...

The idea is being able to record everything you see on the day, in video, and then allows to easily select moments to filter / edit later. So it would be always on, like the russian cameras, but it would also have a button (or some simple trigger) to mark a moment. Later on you could select the best frame around that time to pick a photo.

I don't care for mega pixels, 2048px is good enough. Maybe even 640 would be, if the lens are good. I care for battery and for having it as natural as possible. A point-and-shooted. Now we're talking about a real point-and-shoot killer! smile

I picture it would be some kind of sunglasses, since at first it would only do good at sun light anyway. And sure, it would have same social issues as google glasses, but it needs to be smooth and light to wear or else I just won't wear it the whole day. Simply take it off in bad lights ambients such as most indoors, and any bathrooms, and it should be fine, I'd hope.

And it would have a pocket battery or something. Look, I want my smartphone to be big with a small screen, so I can use it one handed and, mostly, so the battery will last at least 2 days without charging, because lasting 1 day is just not enough. Same thing with these sunglasses, except they would be to be weared on the head, so the heavy batteries need to be wired somewhere else. Maybe a vest.

And it all needs to be cheap as well. Not much more than U$200, to begin with. There sure could be more expensive versions with higher resolution, but the core must target as cheap as possible. Because everyone has to start using it to remove its social stigma, to really make a change on how we record our lives and thus furthering enabling us to better study ourselves.

From all the things I see being built, I think the only reason this haven't been done is because nobody is focusing enough or even had such an idea.

What do you think? Does it sound like a nice one?

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Holy crap! (referral link gives karma for both of you and me, and me and you...)

It has been done for at least an year now! And soon there will be version 2. Just awesome, and almost everything on it is better than I had pictured (except 2 photos per minute doesn't seem so good)! smile

Now, how I found this is quite a narrow serendipity path...

Back in the days, there was a tool that allowed us to search online on gmail, dropbox, calendar and many more. I still can't remember the name, but yesterday I wanted to find it again. Instead, I've found findit, which seems to do the same thing, except it still doesn't look in so many places (update, it actually doesn't do it). I also ended up re-finding timehop and the long dead memolane. Then I googled for those two, which on the first link led me to read this one comment someone said they might be joining memoto. Googled for it and ban!

And if you're wondering about the omni search tool I've mentioned, I couldn't find it yet. frowning

Synata is actually the closest thing, which I found on alfred forums while googling for search gmail dropbox calendar, but it's only for google and dropbox (at least right now) and the sign up is a bit overlooked by their main site. And it ain't free, they just offer a trial!


Today I was trying to find an app for android (for its camera that I hardly use anymore since the clip, anyway) and I ended up with a list of things the main app of all android camera ones is missing.

Google Camera's awesome app have unique features such as photo sphere and lens blur among so many details it gets right. But it does miss many features. Below I'll just list everything I'd want from a single camera app...

Edited Dec 26th, after writing a review for instagram on google play, in which I was listing most of the same things from here while I had forgot I wrote this post (not the topic) to begin with. All this movement today started trying to find an app that would do "face reaction". :slightly_smiling:

squared photos! need to say more? -- as a progammer* I can say this app feels really snappy and it is insanely well done. reason why I will "rant" about missing features... -- yeah, sadly, it's not as resourceful as I'd want it - but then again no app is. please add (at least): "hdr" (i.e. better auto mode); multi focus; fast burst; 3d camera; strip out photos from film; time lapse; split twins; panorama; photo sphere; lens blur; manual exposure options; quick buttons for photo / video; slow motion with audio; double simultaneous camera layout and (above all) really quick start for taking photos on lock screen. -- writing this review from the top of my head, didn't even remembered I had listed almost all same features already on my blog. so, I've updated it: /talk/t/digressing-about-a-hypothetical-point-and-shoot-to-end-all-point-and-shoots/7647/3?u=cregox (updated 2015-12-26)

Since then, I've been giving more very similar reviews / feedbacks to many camera apps I've tried (all of the ones linked along this post).

Of course I may come back to keep updating it, another day...

nice ideas (secondary and all hard to make it good)

  • panorama (g camera is probably the best one for this)
  • photo sphere (g camera must be the only one with this, but it crashes on some phones)
  • lens blur (again, kudos to g camera)
  • speak recognition (say "cheese")
  • 3d camera (bad app linked) (this is like almost opposite as sphere, the way it should work)
  • split photo (so so app) / make twins (bad app linked) (compose photo while taking them, though panorama may work for this)
  • dual camera mode (face reaction / frontback)
  • manual exposure options (okay, maybe add ratio options here, if you wanna go "artistic")
  • time lapse (maybe should be default, but it really isn't "really important")
  • cool filters (such as paper one)

should be default / way too overlooked / all really important (may be hard to implement as well)

  • squared photo (instagram got this right, no reason for any other ratio really)
  • squared video (don't think anyone got it right)
  • high FPS / slowmo videos (with audio, please)
  • auto hdr (i.e. just capture everything already!)
  • multiple focus merger (so you don't need to bother to focus a scene)
  • hold camera button = quick photo burst (very similar to strip out, but no need for audio)
  • enable to strip out photos from film (very similar to quick photo, but with audio)
  • hold video button = quick video stitching (yay instagram for copying other pioneers)
  • easy "buffer.io" sharing (instagram alike, though gplus collections would be nicer)
  • awesome filters (kudos to instagram again)
  • night vision (detects low luminosity or offer as a mode / auto filter)
  • live shots to shoot the past!! (I may promote this to crucial really soon and write a post just for it)

crucial should be default as well, d'oh

  • no ads (d'oh)
  • almost nothing on the GUI (should not be too hard, you know)
  • store in sdcard (should be trivial)
  • as small app size (MB) as possible (look at night vision camera - no clue how they did it though)
  • really quick start for taking photos on lock screen. Please. I know it's hard.
  • maybe above all: dual buttons (trivial), so we don't need to swap between photo and video, because...

Both recording videos and taking photos on a cellphone is all about opportunity. Any professional photographer will agree the best camera is the one you have at hands. Fill in the blank: you have in your hands, ready to shoot at the right moment (reason why I love the concept around the Narrative Clip so much).

Speed from grabbing the gadget and being able to record data is crucial. The way we switch between modes is terrible because then you lose the opportunity, and the moment is gone. Panorama, lens blur, all photo enhancements that you need time in hands shouldn't be such a priority.

The squared photo fits into this, as a way to auto improve quality in the end, without needing to worry about the camera tilting. In fact, Narrative Clip does get all of these right. Automatic opportunity quick photos should all be squared and rotated into standing position regardless of tilt, and it does it amazingly, with their server side software.

Do notice none of the "should be default" add anything to the GUI. They're all "hidden" features. And do realize how valuable this checklist should be to whoever wants to take on the quest to develop such an awesome camera app. Well, at least IMHO people should pay me "good money" to come up with this list this well organized - given we are (I at least certainly am) still quite far from a fair basic income! :frowning:

I'd go as far as to say that ideally it would video record the whole moment you have a camera on, and create auto generated thumbnails out of best moments around the few seconds you'd press the shutter button, while still keeping the video later on in case you want to and it isn't garbage. But I guess the clip 2 will soon already do this as well! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Too Long; Didn't Read;

Without having tried it yet, I think the only reason you should have any camera other than Narrative Clip 2 is to act as a backup. Or if you want to go "pro" / artistic and use lenses, or whatever.

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