DOTA counter strike style


If you're looking for the next thing to do, title is pretty descriptive enough. But I'll elaborate.

There are a few references to this, and I've posted this in the wrong place, which was properly ignored:

  • Strife pretty cool game, lightest of the kind. Best game interface ever. A lot copied from LoL.
  • Heroes of Storm from Blizzard, got a lot of things right, but it's slower and heavier than needed to be.

I just wished it would be without all that useless leveling crap. There's already at least one DOTA game (on the iPad) that does this.

I'd also add a Counter Strike mode: remove the towers and make it a capture the flag (or destroy the base, whatever) for a short few minutes game. You die, back only in the next game. People would also be able to leave the game and join in at any time, no need for penalties whatsoever.

There could be a Quake mode as well, in which you die and respawn after a few minutes.

And voice talking, of course.

Simple idea. Anyone knows if it's done already?

Biggest advantage over FPS: ping. You can play DOTAs with higher ping than 100. Makes it possible to play it world wide. I'd even add an obligatory 200 ping or some number there (wow does make it around 200 anywhere in the world) to balance things out.