Dynamic "contact box"



I have a special request from a client. He wants a "contact box" that appears after some seconds.
This box has two choices, "sell estate" and "buy estate". If the user presses either of them, the user is promoted to a new contact box based on prior selection.

"Sell estate" prompts name, address and some other contact information.
"Buy estate" prompts area you want to live in, price range and other information that is essential for this contact box.

This contact box should appear on all pages after some time, and would be a visual "call to action" button.

Is it possible and what is the cost estimate on such an asset.

Tor Martin


Looks like you want basically is a lightbox form. But with a little twist to make it "appear after some time". To make it in all pages, you can use the footer.

From that, what I can do is the delayed appearance and reposition it from the footer. That would be at most U$ 444 and I need an early payment of U$ 321 (yeah, prices gone up).

The delay, in fact, would be basically this, reversed: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7288669/jquery-div-show-delay5000-hide-doesnt-work