Embed images at the top of website pages


Hi Caue,

Can you tell me what the cost would be to add in two small image blocks at the top of all pages on this site: www.expretio.com here is a picture of where the image blocks need to go on every page (where the blue boxes are on the screen shot)

NOTE: The image blocks need to be able to link to different content on each and every page, no two image blocks will link to the same place.

also, we may need to increase the padding on the top of the page (the white header bar) just a tiny bit so that the icons don't look squished in there.

Thanks so much


Yeah, the way I picture we could do that is simply using a Custom CSS for the footer, which can be made for each page. Last case, we can make a custom injection on the page to work it out.

I'm still trying to figure out my price table, though, so I had to change it again ( from last time we've talked www.cregox.com/your-home ). That should be less than U$ 175 and I need U$ 91 upfront, which will be the minimum cost. Most of the times I can keep at the minimum.


Ok sounds good Caue. So obviously, even though the CSS goes in the footer, it will show up as the image blocks in the header?



Yup. Using position absolute (or eventually fixed) and top. It might be just as simple as that.


Hi caue,

I have another question for you for this same website. Can you change the text of the search bar content block to read "recherche" instead of "search" next to the magnifying glass (this is the word search in french)

How much would this cost in addition to the two image blocks in the header I will have you do for this site?



That should cost nothing more. It's called placeholder and I can probably make a code for adding a custom block there or I certainly can make a global injection script for changing every search block sitewide.


great thanks. I will pass on quote to client. Appreciate it!