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Druid - my favorite and arguably the most hybrid (a.k.a. wildcard) class on World of Warcraft


My initial inspiration to begin writing this was these two posts:

Then I went on to read some more random stuff, as I often do, and got more inspired by realizing I'm very successful and have always been and this:


January I was going to start actively seeking for a job, but "your home" happened and thus started what might be my first and second startup all at once (no, not that one from startup weekend). Mostly still as a programmer, a stigmatic keyword I keep associating myself with, but probably shouldn't.

Now, almost 6 months later, I'm thinking more and more to close that startup once and for all. Not even let it lingering, as it might be good to have it ready to ignite. It won't ignite. I must focus on what matters, find one single goal to reach, likely something new.

For that, first I need to know who I am, who I was, and who I want to be next (important keyword there). Positioning in life.

I'm not a programmer nor a computer engineer as I've described myself before. I think I'm not even a tech specialist, although that could be a quite accurate description. I'm sure a tech enthusiastic and evangelist, no doubt a specialist, but that's a bit meaningless and must give the wrong message.

Truth is, I don't know who I am and I won't know until I find some form of steady income that will define me. In a sense, I am and have always been a joker, you know, from the deck of cards. I fill in the gaps, better than any average, but not as good as a professional dedicated specialist could be. With that, probably my only role that fits a market today would be in startups. Isn't it? I even have many failures trying to start anything up which, I was told, is a very good thing in that market.

So, where do I want to be next? As a awesome joker, it doesn't really matter. I could be in a porn movie, cooking at a food truck, co-piloting a jet, collecting the garbage, directing a city hall, etc. I would be great at any of those, because I work hard and adapting to new things is my specialty.

A side note

Why is there's no university for this? Wildcard graduated. Maybe because it would be too hard to certify such a thing... Most certificates today are already mostly worthless anyway. So much that most serious jobs won't take a 4 year experience certificate at gun point and just hire anyone who have it, as they should if the certificate had all that value as they are treated. They just work as a weird filter.

Yeah, I do have a huge grudge against college. Bless nigahiga explanation of what I think of them. That does include USP, regarded the best one in my country. And probably even MIT, one of the most regarded in the world. The only thing a graduation degree proves in itself is that you're probably able to withstand tons of crap and put up with 4 years of bullshit. The harder the course, the more crap you can hold. Even medical doctors, who do learn a great lot in college and are in great part why colleges even exist, have to exercise their sphincter a lot. Of course there are many people who do learn much practical stuff during graduation, and the better the institution the more likely you are to find people who might help you on the meanwhile. But none of that is part of the degree! The certification doesn't include all that actual learning!

Following an example

My fallacious brain leads me to believe I've never seen 1 person who I would really praise in a pedestal. Not one. I wish there were someone. I've had many personal heroes over the years, but they all ended up falling short in some fundamental aspect, in my completely not humble opinion.

But who am I? I'm nobody. Someone who accomplished nothing other than staying alive and being able to enjoy his lingering life, filled with sorrows which I'd hardly change because I really enjoy who I am and who I became. Just like any other nobody.

So right now I'm picking an example to try to follow, even if just a bit. Elon Musk. Damn I fucking envy him so much! Because he has all the intellectual freedom I'd love to have (no, not everyone seeks for that). At least I hope there's something to learn from his steps, so I would suppose my next step must be focused on generating anything of huge financial value, though not such a bank like paypal. And everything I do between now and then should be just a means to that end.

( I really feel like I need to invest more in my own communication skills and all that entertainment + education branch I want to make, but this is not the right time to even consider it. )

Moving to a better country, believe it or not, would be a huge step forward. The first thing he did wasn't paypal. It was moving to Canada at 17. From what I read, he also probably had never needed to worry about paying rent. He was born financially free and could always easily maintain that status in his fast ascendance. Well, I'm at least 20 years late in that step. Very very late.

Hopefully that will change soon. In August, but that's another topic...

I also believe he never gave up on his personal life. Nobody should. Looks like he have a passion for cars, 3 wifes and 6 kids, it's pretty clear to me he took his time off work. So do I, but maybe much less so. I've never interacted that much with family or money spending, two of the most common huge time spending hobbies people have. I just don't quite enjoy those so much. I do enjoy games (although never played that much WoW, unlike the image up top may lead the reader to believe) and that certainly is and have always been my biggest hobby. A thing I can easily withdraw (as I have many times) if life starts getting more interesting! stuck_out_tongue

Wrapping up

I had written up to this point a few weeks ago (as you can see on the edits)...

Finally, today I've decided I will focus all my energy in the one project I should be focusing a while ago: The Advisor (which still might need a better more unique name). There's at least one concurrent I'm aware of: I'm starting to try harder and apply for a job there. Earlier this year I've felt in a similar trap, on this constant motion where I can't seem to focus in anything. With codecombat, this great open source code learning game. I've played with it, tried to contribute and apply for a job but, coincidentally or not, as soon as the job vacancy was filled I stopped trying. In practice, it was as if I lost interest, and I kind of did, but it wasn't only because there was no more vacancy... As I dug deeper I figured it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do right now.

Maybe the same will happen with slant, but it's very unlikely the same would happen with the Advisor, since that's my own stuff. All I need is to find any kind of way to sustain me while I apply to all this. And I've got right now a 2 months free head start! So, time to focus and just do it! smile

Now, I just wonder where I should start... Maybe I could update my google ads campaign with some kind of mvp and some way to finance myself... Or a similar crazy idea... walking

Or maybe I should try a course and some mentoring.

I definitely should update my home page and retire that tech support!

If there's anyone out there reading this... Any ideas?

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