Garage sale and google's complicated process with handling collaborative photos


So, we're moving out and selling stuff. Most things already have a destination, but some still don't. The whole selling thing is mostly being done in portuguese.

Meanwhile I've noticed using google for pictures have became a complicated and shattered process, specially if you want to "simply" gather photos from many people in an event.

We've got 4 services now and whenever you add images to 1 it will end up in the other 2 or 3. I think it will never end up in plus, automatically. From the newest to the oldest: photos, plus, drive and picasa.

And so each one works in its peculiar way as well... Hopefully one day Google will make it one seamless experience, but not today.

I guess, despite its flaws, things are working better on the (still brand new) photos. We can share a public link without needing to post it in any time line, it got the best web view and it's easy to edit anything around:

On plus it also works very well, unless you want to make a private post because we can't edit a post permission, only the album. A quite small confusion made there which can lead to lots of headache.

I won't even try google drive (right now) because it's integration with photos makes everything way too confusing and I don't advice anyone trying collaborating through there.

And on picasa there's the big advantage of letting others to collaborate, but you've got to use the complicated and hidden system on picasaweb and manually add each person's email there:


The actual best way for files (including collaborating with photos) is definetly to be dropbox (referral link)!

Everything just works there, and it's basically perfect. And it just became even simpler and more awesome with their new feature, file requests.

The only downside is there is no such free option for small sized images. But if they're that small anyway who cares? It won't take much space, and dropbox free account got pretty much enough space, you just have to keep administering it. Or buy more space, which is totally worth it.

I also noticed another option called eversnap, but they've got no way to sync files and it's free usage is limited to 20 people - after that it becomes way too expensive.