Help with making my website's calendar alive while keeping it good lookin'



That calendar looks really nice! I think you may need to have a button to see next year when you get closer and closer to December and I would personally prefer making the unavailable days in a very dim grey, but I love how simplistic it is. smile

Using sqsp's calendar is out of question here, but I can think of at least 4 possible ways for improving its handling procedures over using an illustrator image.

  • svg. The one that requires less work (from my part), and also yields to less results, is using SVG. In fact, you can find below all code needed here, just one line. With this, at least you don't need illustrator or anything but a notepad to change the image file. You would still need to either change it somewhere else and then sync into squarespace, although even using dropbox could make this 1 step easier. just add a code block and something like this:

    <img id="svg-calendar" src="url to your svg">
  • HTML and CSS. This would also be fairly simple to implement and requires very little code, but the calendar would be made all in HTML. This is actually my preferred idea so far. To change the calendar you would tweak the code block which would contain something along these lines:

    <table class="kucalendar">
      <tr><th colspan="12">2015</th></tr>
        <!-- etc -->
        <td class="reserved weekend">1</td>
        <td class="reserved">1</td>
        <!-- etc -->
  • sqsp, CSS and jQuery. This is similar to the HTML above, but instead of using HTML you could edit straight on squarespace blocks. Then I'd make some jQuery to convert a few blocks and make them possible to customize with CSS the same way as the above. The problem with this one is maintaining would have to be done all in squarespace and backing up or tweaking it even if just a little bit would be tough since all structure has to be created in sqsp. I'm not very found of this idea, but it may seem like an easier approach than the HTML one.

  • embedding, CSS and jQuery. Same as the previous idea, except instead of using plain squarespace we'd get a 3rd party calendar and then customize it. This would depend on the 3rd party, of course. Not all of them would allow for proper customization and not all of them offer a yearly view. This could get very complicated, but it would lead to the most options. I think it's probably an overkill for your needs.

I could start working on this before April 30th and the cost would be at least the minimum of U$ 321 and if we go with the second option (HTML and CSS) I believe it won't cost anything more as this includes 2 workforce hours. Please, do read this:

I couldn't even charge if you need more info on option 1. If you like it, I'd bet you're already implementing it. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


Dear cregox or Caue?!,

Thank you for your super quick reply. I also apologize not write you back earlier. No point of listing the excuses...

First of all you have to know there is no rush with this and if I decide to do this you will be able to allocate and dedicate time for it when that suits you. I know you probably want to bang it out ASAP if you're to be doing it.

I still have a couple concerns before committing to any of the options. My idea, as mentioned before is that eventually somebody else could run the whole project without me: as much as the house management also the guest communication and website management. Finding a person who can do all well is hard. I think the easiest is to compensate with website management. I want to make a calendar so user friendly that this person doesn't have to be familiar with html or any scripting. I think I myself know just enough not to be scared to ruin something while changing the font color. That means also not very literate in scripting at all.
I guess that sort of leaves us with option three and four if am not wrong, or?
In the end the product would be almost like a sqsp tables in which you would select the certain numbers and change their properties. Is that what you have in mind? That's what I have in mind at least.

Please clarify this point a bit if possible. And obviously what do you think how much time would take you for something like that... Of course none of us is swimming in money but I look at this as investment even though maybe a small project and improvement it is.

All the best and thank you again for your initial useful and generous answer. I really hope we do this together



You can call me either way, Boris. Cregox is my one man company. I'm really glad to hear back from you! smile

I think this whole project shouldn't take me much more than 3 work force hours, except for option 4, but I could be wrong. We can talk this through, over text or voice, and discuss as much as you like, to get things as straight as possible. I don't work with urgency fees, so good thing we seen to agree on this.

Those are also not the only options. I'm now thinking of a mix up between 2 and 3. I'm out of my office this week, but up to next week I can give you a few screenshots to better express the idea. The point is, I can make it as user friendly as possible. If you're aware of what's possible, than it's just a matter of imagining how it would be. There will be no need to know html, but people find difficulties and bugs where no UI dev could ever imagine. What I can offer to that is a video of what I've done and of what this calendar user should do to use it.

Finally, if you're looking for someone to work 100% online, maybe I could be your guy! 👦 This is probably not something good to tell your clients, but I just love being open. I'm struggling with this business and, while I'll keep it indefinitely and hold true to all my commitments here, I'm also not sure for how long I'll be able to keep investing in this to make the switch and dedicate all my time to it. Meanwhile, I'm looking for a job. Actually even if it's not full online, my only issue with moving around is getting a visa. wink


Dear ... well I'm still not sure what is your first name, Caue or Cawas?

I am really sorry for not replying to you earlier. I did get your reply on time, but I am a bit chaotic at the moment and this calendar thing is not a burning priority as I mentioned it earlier. Just moved to a new country, new language and all of that, plus this is first time with a child and a second on the way...

We, actually you, are going to make this calendar as intended, whichever way we have to to make it look good. Thing is I want to "order" it from you to start to work on it at the moment when I can pay you straight away. Also, I want to pay you from the money the house earns, but at the moment, being the beginning of the season there are other priority running expenses I have to cover before doing the "upgrade" mini projects.

So, I am committing to you to do this project but it will have to wait for couple of months before I can pay you for it. Because of that, your commitment to it should start when I can afford you. Simple as that. The only apology is from the beginning of this note, that I didn't reply to you earlier.
Once I am ready (read: cash in a bit) I am getting back to you and than we do it when your time schedule allows it. Until than and probably even later I can do the manual uploads the way I was doing it in the past.

Thanks a lot and we are definitely staying in touch!

All the best and greeting from Rome, Italy!



It's Cauê. I just like my online nickname better because it's more unique. smile
(also, thanks to your comment, I just noticed on email it does look very confusing, so I've added my last name which will hopefully make it clearer)

Thanks for the heads up! Sometimes life do get in the way of business. stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

I'm glad we seem to be aligned with payment because I also had no intention to begin before getting paid (although so far I already kinda began with some research there, but that was minor stuff).

I will be waiting and hoping to work with you.