How to become a cloudfactory worker?


This is a message to 2 science guys I've found there.

Found you both through in one of my serendipitous web surfing. From there I've got to humanoid twitter and, finally, after reading the FAQ and really trying to answer this question without sending any email, I decided to find someone who could answer this question on the cloud factory team using cmd+f for "science".

I'm currently looking for a job to pay my bills, so I can focus on my current life quest.

So I would like to know more on how to become a worker and what are the benefits. I read on the FAQ you are gathering nearby people from your current team (friends, family, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, etc), but I identify so much with your idea central idea:

Online work platform, melding human and machine intelligence. Aims to connect 1M people in the developing world to basic computer work using advanced machine learning techniques to model and predict how well individuals will perform

That's basically the core of what I want to do, my current focus. So I'd be really glad if we could join forces (and me getting a job there in the process) stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye

Thanks to MarI/O, time to focus on ai