How to keep all your data to yourself?


courtesy of yet another wikipedia article

Warning: very confusing "personal note" post here! But since nobody ever signed up this blog (or bothered to show up), whatever. stuck_out_tongue

I only wished I knew the answer. While enabling it to be easy to find. I spend a whole lot of time trying to answer this over the years, and I still couldn't.

Backup and versioning are just two computer technical terms related to "keeping your data". Computer themselves are quite good and reliable means to do that, because they facilitate making data redundant. That's the keyword here. Redundant. That's also how brain memory works. Or google's pagerank. The more links, the more redundancy, the stronger any piece of data will be recorded in history. And it will have easier access as well, facilitate finding them.

Computer backup is a huge big topic to me. For a long time (haven't used Tonido yet). I think I got to a point I'm satisfied with making redundancy of what I've already got offline: dropbox, crashplan and time machine. I'm still struggling with mobile devices, though I'm not too worried. Usually I take a couple days to recover from losses there (there have been plenty), and I lose basically no important data. iPhone and Android already have good backup systems built-in, even though they're only cloud based, I've already many important parts of that cloud in my desktop backup system there. That brings the difficult part... The cloud.

How to keep our cloud data?

I'm already backing up my youtube favorites with JDownloader. Also using IFTTT for somethings (such as twitter), Insync for Google Drive, Apple Calendar and Mail, and probably few more other awesome tools I forget...

For the rest of the web, I would simply sign up for pocket premium and start pocketing up everything I've got on the web. Sounds like it could cover it, but that's not really a good backup solution. I only consider any solution a backup solution if it brings data to my desktop, and only because I've already got all redundancy automated creation tools in place here. Pocket for mac does cache everything up, but only in a very "cryptic" format made for the app to read. I guess the jury is still out for this idea...

Google Takeout, for instance, is a terrible "backup" tool, simply because it's not automated. Else it would be awesome! Although it'd still be lacking the "easy to find data in it" part.

So I still got a freaking lot of my cloud data out of my backup reach. Recently I lost many posts I had on a forum, because the forum folks, like 99% of people including most tech specialists, don't care enough for data and lost it. Twice.

I've got no backup even of my squarespace website, for fucking sake! frowning

Anyway, I guess all I can say to end this confusing post for now is:

Nobody care enough for your data but you. Keep that in mind.