How to tweet 101 spoiler: “Don’t tweet all about you: tweet all about them.”


Random pic, a view from chapito.

A short guide to social media in general (even while focused on twitter) for newbies like me.

This is just my humble opinion main points summed up from yet another great buffer post:

  • A good bio sells. Be descriptive. Add:
    • accuracy. One professional description.
    • excitement. One word that is not boring.
    • target. One niche descriptor.
    • flattering. One accomplishment.
    • human element. Such as 01 hobby.
    • intrigue. One interesting fact or feature about yourself.
    • connection. Your company or another social profile.
  • Respond to everyone. Engage.

  • Follow everyone. Spread the love.

  • Once again, from the title: Be social. Talk about everyone, not you. And, by all means, do it from your point of view! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Two weeks I haven't updated the novel... Any ideas or feedback anyone?