How you could end up working with the best group you could even dream of!


Since I've saw a video from reinventing organization I keep on wanting to find such a group to work with. Along with my goals and history, GitHub may prove to be the best current place I could aim for. Even more than Google, despite the current release of TensorFlow. Maybe.

Even if they aren't, chasing straight for your top most dream is the only way of reaching it. At very least you'll know if it was reachable, then you can choose to keep on insisting or not. Sure, maybe you're just a kid, who were lead to believe got nothing to offer (but you do got a lot, even), or maybe you think you're a minority because you're chinese while most people around you aren't (spoiler: there are more chinese than any other race in the world). You still should always move after what you want. One of the top most cliche advice of all, and easier said than understood.

This is what it means. It means if you're struggling with money, it's because you're not following your heart. You're not studying what you know you should be. You're not working towards what you know you must. You're not contributing with society at your fullest, and you will easily get tired of it. It will grow on you.

Our brain is not trustable for doing any kind of science. But it sure works very well for social interactions. For most people, anyway. Hear what people say, position yourself, your brain (some people call it heart) will easily filter out everything and give you gut feelings on what you should be doing. And, you may have not noticed, but I'm using the word work here, as I always do, not as a synonymous of job but as spending energy, which means, in the literal sense.

So, to end this, I can just repeat myself again with a easier to read generic advice:

How? Set your life goal at something you love more than anything else, considering your whole life history, past and future (not present). Think about who you are, who people think you are, who you want to be, who everyone might want you to be. Pick 1 utopy. Take all the time you need to figure it out. It could be decades. Then, you'll reach the easy part, which should be obvious: chase it with all you've got. Insist. Finally, when you've built something and got your reward, it's time to give back. Which means, before you get there, you could seek for those people who were already there. They'll be trying to help you and everyone else.

Your dream could as well be something as apparently small as filling the world with Tsurus made of origami. Or be the next Steve Jobs, which might never happen again and even if it does, there can be only 1 per generation, or century, or whatever. That shouldn't stop you from trying and keep refining your goals while you trail the path until you finally find a fitting place! :boom:

As for me? Right now I'm going to insist with GitHub and, of course, Ai.

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