I kinda envy Snowden, but privacy isn't that important, nope


This is a very early draft!

It is true we have no liberty to be whatever we want to be if we know we're being watched because we do act differently under new realizations of the present.

But the same could be said in a world where there was no privacy ever and suddenly we'd know we're not being watched. Can you imagine it? It's not that hard to imagine. Take someone who believed there's a God watching and suddenly that person became atheist. Nobody is watching. We will act differently... But was the liberty taken away or given?

There's no relationship that can be proved between privacy / lack of it with liberty. It's all a subjective construction in our minds. And it is constructed in a lot of people minds, I'd bet that probably in most of us, including myself as a product of my own culture, even on times I'd like to deny it.

The right to liberty isn't the same as right to privacy, those are terrible grounds to be in. That's not to say we shouldn't have both rights - after all if you have the liberty to choose you should be able to choose privacy for you. But I argue the first, and maybe only right that should be enforced is precisely that freedom of choice. And if you choose no privacy for you, that's up to you.

Or is it? Maybe there's a fallacy here...


then, not having privacy was your choice?