I truly hope the Discourse team can get better faster or quickly die trying


uncalled "xango" sherlock for uncalled bugs - meaning there are many bugs that could have "easily" been fixed had the only team that can really do it make any priority out of fixing bugs

only reason I didn't post this on spoilers first...

is just to be 100% sure I can backup most of everything I've done in discourse first, starting with meta - they're just not reliable at all and meta backup was, surprise surprise, completely bugged yesterday. I'll have to wait until they fix it some day or find other backup tools. today it's mostly done.

Forget the fact discourse is filled with little annoying uncalled bugs. Or that Jeff is probably a much more spoiled kid than you may ever believe.

There's actually not much to be said here, as much as linked to, so this shall be a short and repetitive post... Trying to emphasize.

This shall become Discourse's downfall, like it was with Stack Overflow. Censorshipping.

Yeah, you read it right. They're doing it heavily.

Probably biggest, maybe only reason why, lately, I have been growing faster and faster less and less fond of discourse (and Jeff + Sam).

Meta discourse censors everything!

This means they, the team who created and open sourced discourse, can't be trusted as the carriers of discourse. Who's to say they're not injecting trojan horses on the code to keep their much worthy "control" over everything?

Until an unnamed friend I didn't know I had opened my eyes in December (by PM'ing me this link), I used to engage and participate a lot in Discourse's main forum (the meta), trying to do whatever I could to improve the tool I was using more and more. Heck, I think (at least could find nothing searching for it right now - hoping they didn't delete anymore stuff) I may have not even mentioned Ai, basiux or openai there, my recent discovery as a reason to live, a topic that's 24/7 in my mind. I really try to keep things in focus, on topic, not only there, everywhere I go. And so I just wanted to pay it forward / pay it back for such a cost free awesomeness.


My activity there became almost zero since that past month, precisely due to that eye opener (those guys got me and I'm lovin' it).

And then, this one time of the very few I go back (to posting on meta) they hit me down with censoring again. It feels like being beaten down hard with a metal bat. "Community building" (as they claim) my ass. They don't give a flying whoopie crap about people. I truly believe they're not in this for the money, but boy, it's hard to keep on this faith in their humanity.

Below is the latest thing I've posted there (by the time of the original writing here), except the part I've lost thanks to their prompt deletion (as discourse admin, you can go to post edit history and delete stuff, by pressing the garbage button, and they did it so fast I never even got my email about my post, which happens in less than 15 minutes usually). In here it's already included the the last paragraph I ended up adding later, while editing their censoring and trying to make the post go through. At least this time they didn't delete the whole post and, clearly, they just wanted that part off!

Finally, here is Sam's (Jeff's right hand) PM to me, along with my obviously unanswered reply, to which I was honestly hoping to get answers:

But, from the silence, I know the answer. They are fucking clueless of what they're doing (in this respect) or why they're censoring.

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