Invitation to forming a theater group in lisbon


the original idea was to invite my previous group from ETA, back when I was in Sao Paulo.

all you have to do is join in this forums, read up what interests you and start interacting!

I want to make a play out of basiux's novel. doesn't mean we will make it, it could be too hard, but if we could do it that would be legen...

(do read the novel!!

... wait for it ...


wouldn't it? :slightly_smiling:

anyway, if it doesn't happen... don't worry!

edited: I've made this topic after talking with a friend (Amanda) and trying to convince her to participate by telling her a little story about my quest. I'll now build a new wiki page with that story as a meta making of story of the novel! :smile:

(do read the making of!)


i love it the legen ...dary! congrats!