Let's make a podcast?


Who's in?

I will make everything needed to make it work, you just need to be a guest or panelist, whatever suits you. And, of course, I do accept producers contributions... I just doubt there will be any. I do need at least 1 person to be almost as committed as I am to do it, though. Even someone who doesn't want to record, just help with producing, marketing, etc. Make it work.

The theme is yet to be defined. I like arts, tech, science, singularity and everything in between. There will be no politics, no religion and no possessions, in lack of a better word. Might be "no privacy" or, in other words, transparency. Free speech. All related. Probably this should be the first topic...

The format is also open. I want nothing pre defined. No audio signature. Not weekly or monthly. No ads, in general. The focus is not even on podcasts or audio, actually, but it is mostly about talking. Conversations. Scheduled or not. Storytelling, documentary or making of. The level of production in that sense can also constantly change.

References: nerdcast, sgu, twit, freakonomics all started with nothing. Also many YouTubers and, maybe above all, Penn and Teller. I want to just make good content, no matter how.

There's a huge market for this and a gap in content. A position screaming to be filled. And I'm already producing lots of quality, but unorganised content anyway. This might help me organizing (kinda linked with the whyx project).

Name suggestions? English only, please. :wink:

I'm thinking in just releasing media under "cregox", but obviously this is also not settled yet.

PS: this is my first post made entirely on a cell phone browser! :smile:

PPS: this is also the post that made me want to open up the "blog draft" (renamed into "spoilers") category. :blush:

(and, as usual, this is a beta publishing which will continue to be edited)

[CNAi 2w] the bitcoin future is determined! (2016 feb 05)
Welcome to cregox talk

I'm in...


I am to help as well


just find this reply high now in my inbox...

I'm in because this is only one conversation in english where i can fell free to write anything i want and anything i can , off course..

but i dont have any sugestion for the name ..because i don't sure .. but i think cregox is good..


Starting a pod with this making of "cregox cast"

Ok, so I don't want to even call it "podcast" any longer, but here's one last reference for this topic on things that could be useful to think about:

A) You Have To Reach Out To Lots of People you normally wouldn’t reach out to. One in 50 might respond.

B) You will never get this chance again. Don’t blow it. Don’t let even a word go by if you have the small itch of curiosity tagged to it. When someone says “And then I had a coke problem and then …” STOP! “Why did you have a coke problem? How did you get over it.”

D) Persistence. Don't take "no", take different routes.

There are 7 other points but I think they're redundant. And D is pretty much a continuity to A so they are really just 2 points: be prepare and persist.

For my cast, however, there must be randomness everywhere, as a 3rd point. And in that note, I'm off for today.