Making a forum

Adding to this blog, I started a discourse forum. At first, it was meant to be an attempt to improve on another forum. Right now, I'm just thinking in how I'll do to keep it and, who knows, eventually grow into a community. Or not. Because next month I'll begin to have to pay U$10 per month to keep it. Or change it into something else and waste many hours in doing so.

I love that tool (discourse) and the community behind it so much I'm willing to keep it, and wide open, even if I'm alone there, like in this blog. But, unlike this, I'd have to spend something I don't have paying for a huge infrastructure I don't need (if it is to stay as a ghost town). Yeah, I am that poor today, counting every cent.

So anyway... Maybe I'll be posting a few things there instead of here for a while. I've already did it twice. If by any chance you're interested in this blog, take a look in that forum as well:
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