Making of MarioxX


This may become a spin off from: /talk/t/thanks-to-mari-o-time-to-focus-on-ai/7653/5

Saw this video as the absolute highlight of the latest TEDx Lisbon conference, despite its opening with an Ai expert presenting some cool tech...

Here's John Oliver's take on how much people care about sex versus snowden:

All this MarioxX idea actually came from these 2 videos (plus my whole current life context, of course), with nothing specifically related to the whole Ai topic. Ai relates to anything, but not the other way around yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Watch the videos before continue on reading!

So the basiux engine could evolve like this: WhyX -> Mariox -> MarioxX -> Hutter.

The xX is basically the same basiux engine adapted to be a chatbot for sex education of all ages teach kids about sex (a phun with all the x'es and xxx).

We can be honest without laying out every detail, in a way to clarify it for kids while keeping the porn out. And Mario could be graphic and interactive about it. On a presentation, it could include any kind of "Siri" (speech to text) to identify the loudest words someone say and use it as a question.

For instance, where babies come from? Storks bring them, of course. Or whatever, really:

But how babies are made? Well, now we can say something along the lines of women getting on top of men, with no need for details:

- Aight, we're naked and I'm on top of you ... How long is it until we get to orgasm?
- No idea - but now I know why mama always have headaches ...

Kids will soon just be entertained away by Mario anyway, and fade away to other questions / things to do.

The MarioxX chatbot doesn't need to be as awesome as T-Jessica, although if it can be done from basiux version MarioX that in itself would probably make it way more impressive!

Of course at some point kids will find out "Santa isn't real" and adults might realize . But MarioxX's goal is not to be 100% honest. She (the basiux engine) will want to analyze the audience before giving any sensible information out. Because she will know that language is really complicated and subjective, and that each culture have their own archetypes or sets of beliefs.

Now the beginning of the roadmap is basically ready! :slight_smile:

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