Making some kind of Pop Up Warning for Squarespace



Before anything, please take a read:

I can see no link to screenshot or file attached, but I imagine you might want something like this: -> press "add to cart" and try to checkout. You'll see a pop up.

Ignore the rest, this is an old test page. I can make a popup just like that and add a "lightbox" layout to make all the website dim out. Additionally, I could add a cookie to prevent it from appearing multiple times if you enter the website again on the same browser for 1 hour, for instance.

If you want to move forward, this should cost me less than U$175.

That being said, I like much better the way your site is right now and I think there is no popup needed there.

Finally, if you're willing to join, I'm starting with an experimental new ticketing system here. This (and any further tickets) are public discussions!

Multiple buttons on header, with a popup email form