Manifesto to facebook and why we should befriend everyone


I'll be writing this on [spoilers], editing it all first, and then moving it to [blog]...


This is what I just wrote there, and not on google plus to let bufferapp post it as usual:

So, I just watched "Little Prince", cried in one moment and then again near the end when that moment was repeated, like I've never cried before while watching a movie. My first time was 2007, watching erin brokovich when her kid was worried, loving and caring for her sleeping on the couch. Now, because it reminded of my father and Otavio. I'm not sure I was crying over dad's death, back in 2002 or something, or if it was due to his rebirth and how I can't help him out of his 14 ish year old depression + bipolar crisis, which nobody but me and mom currently understand. I don't know.
Then I went to sleep.
Now, on a subject that may appear completely unrelated, I just tried to befriend as many people as possible on Facebook. On my Mobile phone, at 5:20 in the morning. I've slept for 2 hours or so. I never went this berserk before... And I will explain all this better in a blog post next. For now, I hope it's suffice to say: because Facebook is wrong.
We should have no limits in the number of friends. Specially online, where technology can enable us to break that 200ish number of people we can humanly recognize as people. A brain limitation healthy to be aware of and reason why I haven't gone friending every one before.
Yes, computers can help us to resolve that problem today, with Facebook even. I just hope Facebook, as a person, will read my manifesto and be open minded about it. At least give us some honest feedback...
Next post: the manifesto!

Then, soon after, I posted this, now on my mac:

Okay, before the "next post" just an update to the previous one, which is much related, I promise...
This post was about an advice I gave out on quora, per request. It's all explained there:
i.e. "how to stay happy even if lucky bucks don't come your way and you're forever money less" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 5 upvotes, 213 views in a question with over 200 answers in just a few hours is not bad! smile emoticon I guess what I'm writing is starting to make sense to people.

How the brain / mind works

Neural Networks

Picture a Tammy with an Ai playing Mario (Mariox there) in which you can watch, feed and learn neural networks. We're building the software to make this possible. Visualizing such a learning process, and being able to interact with it, shall combo into a very powerful learning tool. Eventually, everyone will want to play with and have a better idea on how our brains work.

Many videos for further reference

Pay special attention to the 2 videos under

Link between Little Prince and going facebook berzerk

The link is, of course, only in my mind. But it's a very strong one. I hope by the time I finish this post, it may be clear to a lot of people who actually read it. Maybe first you should see my review of the movie, to get a glimpse of what it meant to me.

Then, realize the size of the art industry, if you haven't. U$ 66 billion just in what people call "art", mostly paintings. Paintings. Plus U$ 32 billion just in US films 2013. And U$ 25 billion for US games in 2010, which was more than double the previous 2 years. Music, U$ 125 billion. Just those sum up to U$ 248 b. It's hard to find a summary of all arts, but if those are the high ones from the top of my mind, we can extrapolate there must be about U$ 500 b.

Oil? That's about U$ 600 billion. Let's say it's U$ 1 trillion. States economy (GDP)? U$ 18 trillion. The world economy (again GDP) is estimated at around U$ 100 trillion.

Now if we could sum all of the Art being done in the world, how much money it's moving and, specially, how much movement it makes without money it's easy to speculate it to be much higher than any other interest, imho. I won't get into the Math here, I think my point was made.

Art move people. And it moved me. Big time, this once.

My reasoning about adding everyone in facebook as a friend is already explained in the rest of this post. The idea, well, it came from watching Little Prince. I believe I've switched my mind state to a more love giving one. Hoping to be able to stay at it now. I had previously stated I would throw wtf images at random people requesting online friendship. Well, I will still do it, but now, I'll also accept it instead.

Buffer app

It is hurting my "facebook reputation", something I didn't expect it would do. Nobody was interacting with me anymore there, for quite some time. Weeks or months, can't precise. But as soon as I've changed my profile background picture, just because I thought it was about time, everyone reappeared.

I guess facebook algorithm was filtering me out, above any other reasoning.

Point here is: buffer needs to befriend facebook for me to continue using it, and facebook needs to befriend something like buffer for me to continue posting in it.

How a serendipitous photo from 2013 helped me

I've been already using it as a background photo for my profile everywhere... But once it was brought to my attention I wasn't getting any feedback before it, I noticed I was probably doing something wrong. I don't use Buffer to backup my posts, got IFTTT for that (although redundancy doesn't hurt backups). I use it to get people seeing what I produce. Not just getting noticed, but getting involved. And that was not happening...

Of course facebook have interest in making people come in their platform, so they can monetize it, and so it's easy to extrapolate a perception that buffer can hurt their business in that way. But that's just not true. If not for buffer, I would be posting nothing on facebook. And so would many people - without their tools they just don't do any work.

Okay, now I am posting again, for a while, and kinda making it unique and personal. But it's just for this little while. I'll have to either find a tool or forget about it once again... Maybe try to remember posting once in awhile like now.

Just look at the posts there. They're indeed ugly and uninviting.

Anyway, the photo helped me realizing all that, including how broken my buffer integration is.

What buffer should do

Remove "default posting" to multiple social networks. Every network is a different channel and must have dedicated posting. Make people understand this. Make it work (getting to many "errors", refused messages to facebook, for instance).

Befriend everyone

50 monkey limit vs 200 human limit

Even my dad, who "cursed" me with science and skepticism

The usage of "curse" here is sarcastic. Because people say ignorance is bliss. I don't talk to him for months now, and I still want to keep it that way. Blocking him. But we are still friends, and I still love him. Not because he brought me The Little Prince as a Kid, or taught me how to use a video camera when no other kid had one I had all toys I wanted. But because he's my father. And part of our universe, you know, the big bang one.

More on my previous behavior

As a kid, can't remember. As a last decision, "sending wtf pictures to friend requests", need links.

Technical reasons

Computers are already our bionic brain. See gmail. Think about it.

Practical reasons

More transparency among people, as a human race. Less rush for money. Basic income.

Too Long; Didn't Read!

Imagine all the people. Loving every one... Yes, this is all about "spreading the love" and "paying forward". Why limiting ourselves so damn much while we can be so much more together?! :smile: