Modification of the template Aviator on squarespace



Please read this:

Here, I'm trying a new ticketing system and you're currently required to join and login before we can proceed. After joining you can keep the conversation only through email if you wish and we can keep this in private (although it's most useful if we can put it in the public support category).

This will probably take me around 1 hour, which means it will cost less than U$ 175.

It might be a simple matter of using CSS code known as hover:

Finally, be warned this and all of our further conversations are in the public support space!

Cheers. wink


We will provide the icons but are you sure its that simple?


Nope. I will only be sure after it's done.

I bet it is simple enough, though. I'm taking a risk here and if I take too long to resolve it, it will be my time "wasted" in gaining less for I promised you a maximum cost.

It's a very low risk for both of us. Also, I already did gave you the technical path I would follow. If you're savvy enough, you may be able to do it yourself, after some hours. Or ask a friend.

If you do, and if it helps you resolving it, I only ask for any small contribution: stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye


You are awesome!! and you should be paid for your advise. I will talk to my client and lets make it 3 hours just in case. 3 x$175 = $525. Maybe more maybe less.. maybe I will learn something from you! I will let you know once I confirm with my client.


No, you are awesome!!

About the cost, I meant U$175 already considering I might take 3h. U$91 is my minimum rate for the 1st hour and then U$42 per extra hour. I shall reach the price you wanted to pay soon, but not yet! smiley

You did give me a great idea there, though. I first thought of applying a sliding scale (huckabees), but realized it's way too complicated. So I'll try to make some crowdfunding for shares (age of stupid) for one of my projects.