More craziness about randomness and lake ness


a wall

Disclaimer: following there is a sequence of apparently disconnected paragraphs... I hope I can look some other day back and this and connect them with some more sense than what I could today! :stuck_out_tongue:

Almost 1 month ago something happened to my brain. I could have died at least twice. I'm now taking some psychiatric medicine trying to regulate it, ground down my thoughts. This whole "I'm truly crazy" universe is brand new to me and I don't know how to properly play in it.

My ideas about Ai are slowly turning into ideas about randomness and how they need to play together. It's the breath of life missing in Ai. Saying this is about as crazy as talking about the philosopher's stone or a holy grail.

What's even more crazy is realizing all the great ideas in history always came as waves which people captured around the globe way before we could communicate without pigeons. Wait, that's not the crazy part, that's just a fact. What if those ideas were brought up like this because someone had them and the instant you have a great idea it propagates as some kind of energy through the universe and anyone, including your own self who wanted it in your head at first, can capture them?

The lake ness monster is for sure just a urban legend. Today. I brought it up first because it rhymed but then it's easy to make connections with random things that are apparently not connected. You see, the craziness about "magic" and "energy" here lies in things that can not be proved by science - our greatest source of power today. It's from science that we can make truly magical things such as the internet, smartphones, microwaves, elevators... Technologies that can realise unimaginable things to whoever lived before them (except for the few visionaries such as Asimov).

What if the monster was true until science proved it wasn't? What if we could bend time and space with our imagination? Can't we even prove that already? We use technology to prove how far our mind can travel with movies. And it's much farther than the so called "reality", which is nothing more than a plan of existence in which we agree.

How would the universe be if there was only 2 homo sapiens in it? Most atheists would undoubtedly agree: "nothing would be different, except they would probably die thanks to the growing global warming or, if you mean before written history then there would be no global warming".

The crazy thought I wanted to bring here is this: it's all about the story. Narrative wise, we are certainly the most evolved intelligent thing in this universe until we make/find (no difference in a narrative) something bigger - in other words, we are alone so far. And the lake ness did had a monster until we destroyed it.

Why does it matter?

Quantum physics is one way to look at it. Most people believe the invisibly tiny particles is what builds our universe, overall. And they only exist once we look at them. The cat is not dead or alive. The tree didn't fall on the woods if there was nobody to listen. Since almost everyone believe in the science of physics, looks like we're just waiting for the next Einstein to jump in and confirm: yes, God does play dice, not only does she love randomness but she also exists in each one of us.

What you think and what you do with your life matters the world to each one of us. Even if we're all just a grain of sand, we're not the same sand without every grain of it, working in harmony.

Time again to talk about God, dices, but now linked to the lake ness monster!

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