Moving this project along


Wow, wow, wow. Caue, this looks great. Thanks!

There are a couple of things missing though.

on the blog index, the h3 subtitle above the author's photo (see
/talk/uploads/default/69/0897d0d66915bd09.png)... I'm
not sure how we'd implement this given that there's no subtitle metadata on

on the blog post pages (for example,,
- the photo is below the title
- the shareaholic buttons are at the bottom of the post
- the h3 subtitle (same question as blog index, above)


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This is a private unlisted topic. It's pretty much like a private email but here we can take advantage of forum tools. Only reason we didn't have previous conversation here is it did bug out.

Yes, since we have no way to make the H3 metadata I've made it a little trick / hack so you add H3 to the excerpt of the post and it will be positioned properly. Just try it. See how the test blog post was done. If you need it, I'll record a video.

As for the blog post page I thought you didn't want to touch it since we never mentioned it. I now suppose you want it the exact same as the blog index. Since we're still on the green for the budget, couple hours later, it's now done. I've already applied it to the main blog as well. I'll take the shot if my supposition was wrong. wink


Hi Cregor,

I have been asking about the blog post page since the beginning - please check the thread.

I see how you set up the H3 in the excerpt but there are now MAJOR bugs on the blog post pages.

The images and title tags are duplicating and appearing above the title. Please help fix asap as this looks really bad.




You're right, right on the very first message:

Something I did overlook later on, my bad.

I saw nothing duplicated, though. Nor any bug in the script, just in how it is being used.

What did happen is the script moved all H3 titles into the top. And the images, well, I'm pretty positive it is some conflict between images inserted on the post with the thumbnail.

In any case, I moved back the script to remove it from blog posts. It's still on the github link and on the test blog. We better settle straight how you want to do the H3, or I need to record a video to show you what you missed there. I won't be able to do it right now though.

We could talk over voice briefly if that helps. Else we continue later on, maybe tomorrow.


Hey Caue,

I've removed all the extraneous h3 tags - they are only in post excerpts now.

Also I've removed the thumbnail images from the body of the posts, so that they don't duplicate.

However, the blog post pages still have some issues.

All Blog Post Pages -the h3 in the excerpt is not showing up -the excerpt image is not showing up

** -the image from the body of the post appears above the title

** -the first image from the body of the post appears above the title, and repeats 4x


** -the shareaholic buttons are below the post

I've left the script on /blog and deleted /test because it became to difficult to keep track of both. Please just work on /blog going forward.




Removing the test also makes it easier to me! smile

H3 in the excerpt should show only on the blog index. And as far as I can see they are showing up there right now. So, I wonder what you meant, exactly. I've also added an H3 title for the blog post (look for the word "any", which I've changed to show it isn't the same h3).

The excerpt text in itself doesn't show in the blog post, I don't see why an H3 there should show on the blog post as well, but I can do it if you really want that.

As for all rest, including the thumbnail image not showing up, were all thanks to 1 bug in the script indeed. I've fixed it now. And I'll be seeking for more bugs next.


Hi Caue,

Ok that works.

One final request... please adjust the spacing on the header elements so that they match the design.

Here is the design again with pixels indicating correct spacing.

Again this is for both the index and post pages.




My computer crashed yesterday (probably the hd cable), and I'm not at my home office.

On top of that, the shareaholic addon is completely out of whack.

Yet, I've managed to use my ubuntu pen drive on a couple computers to make it as close as possible to those new specs, but I'll take some more time to analyze that addon more and do this.

I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


I've never recovered from such a computer hardware failure as fast as this time... Almost less than 24h! smile

Now I think it's done. Please, take a look! See if it's okay.


Looks great. Thank you, Caue!


So, I suppose I can now send you an invoice of U$ 168 for the rest of the payment, right?

If I'm missing anything or if you find new bugs, I'll be waiting. wink


Yes, absolutely. How should I send it again?


Actually, it will be just U$ 84 as I did finish it with less resources as the maximum expected. smile

I've sent you an invoice (on the same email as the first one), though you still can ignore it and pay through other means if you prefer.


Thanks! Just paid. Did you receive?


Yes, got it. +1

Thank you!