Moving to Portugal, 3 weeks in, quick update


Being married to a citizen sure make some things easy, but it still isn't as smooth as you might expect. We're both brazilians. She got her portuguese license past year. Now we're trying to get mine.

Few lessons learned:

  • When moving to a new country, don't rent a house for 1 week or 1 month. Even if you've already done tourism there. Get at least 2 months. There will be so many things to do, the first 2 weeks will go in a breeze.

  • Don't trust paypal your money. If they screw it up, you won't be able to use it.

  • In Portugal, for opening a bank account, you need a "residential proof". But it doesn't need a portuguese one! Once we learned that, it was easy, specially thanks to the awesome ActivoBank.

  • Buy monthly plans as soon as possible. No matter what other people say, anything else will probably not be worth it. For instance, on our mobile plan, finding the best discount make it worth paying for 2 years, even if we'd stay only 1, because it already pays off in that first 12 months. For the first month, you probably is going to benefit with a monthly transportation plan as well.

  • If you're flying on the cheap, don't take small connections. Or bring only hand bags. Assume all your luggage will be lost on connections with less than 2 hours, even if within the same company.

  • AirBnb super hosts are awesome! :smile:

  • Do eat "pasteis de nata de belem" as frequent as possible. Or stroopwafels. Etc.


Caw, manda noticias sobre como estão se virando ai em Portugal! Como está a Ma? Como estão sobrevivendo?!?!?
Amo vcs!!!