Multiple buttons on header, with a popup email form


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Oh boy. This is not good. I'm afraid it'd be more expensive than (I guess) anyone would be willing to pay.

All that sounds to me way more complicated than they should. I mean, I I were a squarespace customer who knows nothing about programming or how websites are built, I can easily see how frustrating this can look. "How come we can do all that on the page, but not on the title?" I would ask myself. It's quite an unfortunate limitation indeed! Except maybe for the popup, that is not really provided.

In any case...

Adding a popup message is simple enough, I've done it before. "Building" a form inside it to leave an email addres is much more complex and not so trivial, although it's also not too hard to do. The tricky part is how to add content, like with the video banner. The same for making the 4 buttons across the header.

The total cost would be U$444.


Hi Caue!

Thanks so much for getting back to me on this. So I have some developments on this project….I was able to add in the buttons to the header image pretty easily….it is the lightbox/pop up form I am having trouble with. Here is the site:

Developer mode is turned on.

I need to make the “ACT” and the “GRE” buttons on the header image pop up in a lightbox like the “open form” button does.

Would you be able to make this happen?

Please let me know the cost and thanks so much Kate


Now that's much simpler! It's just a very small part of everything I was thinking before. Also, without having a visual, I was thinking it was a whole other thing... How a picture changes everything.

I would create from 1 to 4 forms on that page, like the one already done on open form button (depending on how customized you want each button to send an email in) and then link them to each of the header buttons, and finally hide them. Both things using jQuery.

I've been putting a lot of thought on how to handle small requests as this... I can make it for 1h, or U$ 123.