My second online backup choice

I'll keep this short. Crashplan.

Ok, maybe not so short...

Thanks to Leo Laporte's podcast I love to hear, I finally decided to get an online backup and try Carbonite. But before actually going for it, since I'd have to pay, I decided to do some research first and see what else was out there. Lucky me, because I stumbled over this magnificent piece of software and a great online solution. At least I really hope so, as I'm just getting in the 30 days trial now.

I chose it over Dropbox, Carbonite, Mozy and JungleDisk because of these: - (already linked on the title) - -

It's free between your own computers / folders / friends (yes, seem quite simple), it have sync clients for windows, mac, linux and even solaris, and the only plan, unlimited, is really affordable and much cheaper per byte than all other options.

Although I'll keep using Dropbox free option, as they get free advertisement with it, and it's another amazing software, but not such as good as online solution.

There's not much more to say.

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