My social unfair undervaluation and why the financial system is broken


I'm no Ph.Doctor. I've got almost no project to show off. No portfolio that matches what I can do. No social position. Like most people. It would be easy to fool myself I'm normal, in that sense.

But, again, I'm not. From patreon:

This should be a long post...

Social Undervaluation

By that, I mean nobody seem to give me proper financial credit, except my mom. Granted, I haven't tried to loan - but up to 3 months ago I was in Brazil, with my credit score blacked. About 15 years ago I've lent out my name to someone I really trust, they invested it, it didn't work. One of those assets got sold to a "friend" who did not transfer responsibilities to their name. And who's screwing up. The chain got back to me. A mistake I've made 15 years ago got my public credit to trash. Reason why I never bothered with asking for credit.

Now I do. Now I need it. Maybe I should try here, in Portugal, even without being a citizen or even a recognized human with a home. My wife is a citizen, though.

I need financial peace to invest in this project. To make it happen. And I can make it happen.

Broken Financial System

More about this later on, when I edit this post. For now, let me just say this: it is broken, we need a better one, no I don't know how or what. So, I'll edit later for those of you reading this who can't agree it is broken.

My real point here, since I bring no idea on how to resolve it right away without help, is onto making a link precisely about this: without "help". Have you guessed? Yes. Machine Learning to the rescue! This is just yet another thing (computer) technology will help us to improve, probably before basiux. How?


edited 17 days later to include a new dedicated blog post:

Enough on this topic for now...

Can I really make it?

This whole topic is not about being humble.

If you need further "proof" how about asserting my intelligence? If you can agree intelligence is capacity to predict the future, here is 1 evidence I've got plenty smartness in my mind: I just found out I had forgotten (repeated link) I predicted I would work with Ai at least 1 year ago. It is in my subconsciousness. If you dig me up, you'll see plenty of things I've said or suggested that later became reality. I do this since I'm a little kid, except by then I was predicting things that already existed - without being aware of their existence.

Of course, I'm not perfect. I'm pretty sure there's a high percentage of things I predict that go wrong. But the point is there is a high amount of things that go right. I'll predict one extra thing right now: eventually I will feel the need and most likely will end up editing this post to include more evidences of both sides. It's a "risky" bet as I just implied, but we can only be eventually right about the future if we try betting on it. We can only learn to walk (which is a controlled future prediction of falling down and preventing it, at each step, really hard for a machine to reproduce) by falling down many times. And, once we learn, we still eventually fall down still.

Another interesting proof I'm not currently so proud of is my father. It's a very delicate topic... Very.

In short, he basically invented a high tech JukeBox for trucks, so they would better market themselves on the streets instead of using the horn as they were used to, which was highly profitable for a short period. And, well, I'm a lot like him. Every close friend keep reminding me of that. I agree, it's more of him in me than I like to admit. Because, well, he's also a terrible and diabolic person inside - most likely due to mental illness, but still very harmful nonetheless. Nobody wants to get close to him. Nobody ever did. He drove my mom completely nuts. But let's leave him aside. I'm not him.

I've just posted more about me and most of my professional life, as a progammer*, on medium. It was, basically, yet another job application except, this time, in a very different format from the norm. Yet again. :smile: We've got to really love our work to make it valuable because, well, work is really hard no matter how much you love it or hate it. And this might be a good instance of why it's so important to love it. It's so you can at least enjoy parts of it while doing it. The more, the merrier. For everyone involved, really (go teal - huge link there about how I perceive organizations which probably deserves a whole section here but got not even a topic yet!)

Oh, and one more thing you might want to know about me...

I don't give a fuck...

... For a lot of things people usually do. And I often can sound very arrogant, but I'm really not. It's all context, labels and language. Do you know what I do give a fuck, controversially? People. Not about language, not about what you think you know you think you want, not about politics, not about privacy, not about death, not about many controversial topics. Just people. I will throw myself in front of a bus to save Hitler, if I'm in my regular mood and get caught by surprise. I have done similar things, so it becomes easy to analyze this in retrospect, looking at myself from outside.

I'm just a fucking grain of sand, trying to enjoy the present. And, to do so, I need every other grain of sand in my slightest sight to be able to do so on their own as well. It's in my nature.

Does any of this ring you a bell? A piano maybe?

Yesterday I've took many hours to make a website for "Coro da Achada". It's using Jekyll and it's already better than the current tech behind basiux's website. I wanted to share my adaptation of Imagine with them, while giving something back, since they don't have a nice website and etc. It's a free hosting and for adding the actual content there, it took me much less than 1 hour, but it's hard to precise since it was a combined development. It's still lacking the music, for one because I don't have it, and for two because, well, they don't even know I've done this yet, or that I would do it. I hope I can tell them in the next 2 days before they hear from elsewhere, see if they approve it (I think they will) and then I can help them start to improve it.

I've made many web sites in my life. From squarespace in 2015, going through wordpress, asp, html1.0 or department of sao paulo's security back in 2000, really, really many websites. And that one, right there, is by far the best one. Made in just less than 1 day. Thanks to all great open and free resources we got today. Also mostly thanks to GitHub and this crazy guy. Why is it so good? Well, there are many technicalities about it, but basically because it's free, fast, beautiful (thanks mostly to twitter's bootstrap), versioned, open and, as such, so easy to manage without any Content Management System useless panels. It's even easy to add other free CMS'es on top of it, if you need to edit on the web browser itself. And the tech reason I decided to do it was this post.

Do you want a website for you? Go this route. By very far the best anyone can do today to have an online presence. ( which just brought me an idea for a nice reward on patreon... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) And if, maybe, you wonder why isn't there, you're probably not paying much attention but it's due to lack of cregox's time.

More to come

I'll be eventually editing this post further. At very least, to add some links and cool pictures... :stuck_out_tongue:

And I'll probably keep editing this while there is no conversation or any sense to notify anyone.

Feels so lonely here... :star:

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Have you done any IQ tests since you were 25? That was a horrible, unquantifiable way to assert one's intelligence.

And I really didn't see the point of bringing up your (our) father in there. Actually I don't see the point of this entire post at all, you haven't proven to be anything but a butthurt nerd. You didn't even mention that you dropped out of college for almost no reason.

Anyway, cheers m8.


Done IQ test once after 18, and it need to be done before. It is a terrible test indeed, but it's a metric nevertheless.

And what's wrong with being a buthurt nerd?