Need Help with Squarespace Full BG video



Thanks for reaching out and pointing me a possible error on my tutorial there, among other few things I should probably fix.

You see, I'm no longer working with my now dead "your-home" project (although I am currently looking for a job), and these tutorials were part of it.

There's also only so much I can do without at least a link to the website.

That being said...

jQuery not loaded

This means the script couldn't find your link. Probably you didn't use your own video id there:

javascript:jqueryLightbox('<your video id comes here>');

Everything in red there, within the quotes, should be replaced by your own unique video id. And that will be different if you're using youtube, vimeo, wistia or whatever.

I've just updated a couple pages accordingly, with a few things fixed.

Good luck! wink


Hi There!

I'm experiencing the same issues here - (pw: 3000miles).

The youtube video is

and the code I've added to the image block is below.


Can you point me in the direction of what I'm perhaps doing wrong?

Thanks a ton for your help!


Yeah, you probably didn't include the full code. The very first line isn't in your website source:

<script src=""></script>