Need two play buttons on squarespace cover image


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Hey there Mike,

I really don't work with progamming* freelancing anymore, basically because nobody wanted to pay my perceived costs (as you can see from my previous ticket).

For your case, without knowing more about your biz, I would setup a single button for each case automatically and add a smaller link on the bottom within the sitemap, containing links to everything someone might want to see.

I can't see what you mean in that Miller's Lite link. And it would help if you added more reference links.

In any case, if you're willing to pay U$123 upfront I can go find someone to do the job for you for much cheaper (I'd start with fiverr crazy people), pay it from my pocket, double check on their first work and let you both continue from there.


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Yeah, even for the desktop I would leave just 1 button and use the sitemap. :wink:


Thanks for your replies, Caue. I'm going to skip this design and just go with two Carousel slides.