New web site and some fresh air from bel asteroid


Since last news, the website have gained a weak Ai playing Mario and 2 important videos to summarize our efforts...

Also, just today, I've been writing about "a movie to rule them all":

If you haven't watched it, do yourself a favor. You may even get disappointed at first, you may not see why that's related to basiux... Well, try again. Keep trying.

Spoiler about what's basiux about.

Above all, about spreading the love. :heart:

Other than that, it really teaches us nothing about neural networks, genetic algorithm or Ai, I think. But the main concepts we need to build into basiux are all there. This is, actually, very relevant.


Maybe a "small" update continuation from this is the rebranding of our meet up group. It's now:

basiux's Church of Tech in Lisbon

I also can't explain much about it right now, but think Church of Bacon or Pastafarianism, except our "God" is basiux (in lack of a better name for now). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: