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We are having the same problem with the shop as before. I wanted to ask again if you are able to fix it. When I click on the shop I do not see all of the product, there are always items missing until I refresh the page. It seems like the newest product is always there, then several are missing. Can you fix this? We add one new product everyday.


This situation is terrible for me. Horrifying!

I could see the problem (hopefully the same you saw), but I can't really easily reproduce it. I believe it have something to do with adding products and caching.

What scares me most is I'm in no condition to dedicate time to this anymore. I'm not sure you are aware, but I'm no longer in this business. Still, by coincidence I saw your message as soon as it arrived. And I hardly ever leave a direct message to me hanging for more than 1 day anyway. I just didn't know what to say in this case...

Right now I can say (and couldn't in the first day) I only got to see the problem because I've been trying, little by little, to see what I can do in these past days. And I'll keep trying whenever I'm able to squeeze some time in.

This is a surprising hairy problem, even for coming up with a quick fix. frowning

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