Pareidolia time! 3 days before his last day, I really suck at recognizing faces - what's yours brain failure?


okay, maybe this is more about "tech / science" than fun but the perspective I want to bring here is more about the fun of it! :smile:

yeah, she still reminds me of David Bowie, in this angle.

this is the first time I'm sharing a full narrative moment:

pareidolia (i.e. brain malfunction) happens with every single thing. it's basically our brain not functioning as we'd expect - it's easy to perceive it as "optical illusion", but it sure happens with songs, smelling, self perception, memories, anything. in my case I think I just don't pay enough attention to too many facial details for quick pattern recognition.

here's another fun one for most people:

and here's my small messed collection with just a few of them! :slightly_smiling: