Playing with words: electronic-Fiction


Today I've got 2 main projects I'm investing my time on. The school, and the one I used to call "ants", because "food seekers" were too big.

please insert obligatory sci-fi pic above

please insert obligatory sci-fi pic above

I'm interpolating back and forth between them and, except for the next week, I'll probably go back now to the e-Fi one. This is a phun on sci-Fi, indeed, but it also has everything to do with the project. It's like a sci-Fi by all means, but it's also playable... Only electronically, unfortunately.

After studying it and trying to apply it, I've realized the school is not a sustainable business in a short term and, as such, I came to think maybe it's better going back to the one I love the most.

I do have currently a few paying students, closeby friends, with private classes, who enjoy it. And I am going to move it forward, such as always trying to improve the material. But for now I won't personally try to market it for new people and I won't try right now to make a mvp either for bigger classes or some kind of mooc online course.

Instead, I'm thinking in making the e-Fi, themed with the course. If I can make it fun, of course. If not, I'll fall back to food seekers, which is much easier to come up with a fun storyline, and it's still possible to add a few concepts there.

Well, that's it. This is just a short "announcement" (in case there's anyone other than me reading this)! A kind of mark I like to add for myself and later consideration.

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