Quickmvp and digital marketing


Disclaimer: the following was originally a message to Mr Laurent, who never really replied back. So I decided to keep editing it to use it as a briefing (almost like I did before).

I was talking with someone and one of his advices were producthunt - there I found about startupstash which led me to quickmvp - then when creating an account I noticed they take coupons and it's costumary I google for coupons before moving forward. And that's my short story on how I found your article, Mr Laurent.


  1. I wanted to do a quickmvp for my next project, but while I'm pretty sure there's a market for it I'm now not so sure it's worth doing that right now. As good as such a validation might be, and that looks like an awesome "cheap" way to do it, somehow I feel like it's not a good enough next step. Supposing it goes well, I don't see what I could do after that to move it forward! Do you have any advice for this?

  2. Also, I do have a kind of my own startup already working. And I understand me getting in touch with you asking for help have a cost for you. So, how can we make this work for you? Or even more, how do you make this work for you? I know some people just take the first contact costs built in anything else, and I bet that's how you do it as well. It's how I'm trying to do.

  3. But my company isn't doing well. And I think I need much marketing advise. I suppose maybe a "digital marketing" service, even. Is this something you can work on? I've consulted a few marketing companies, but none so far in english (as I wouldn't know where to begin) and none so far who could take this job.

  4. I could pay you any value to begin an assessment if you can give me guarantee of satisfaction. I just need to see results. If I'm paid to make you a website or a tweak, you'll get the website or tweak you want, because I, as the professional here, know better than you what you really need or want. I guarantee you that. Granted, marketing isn't all that straight forward, but you need to tell me what results you can guarantee me, and I'll see if I want to take the risk. If that's worth it to try and get my sales up. So, what's your guarantee?

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