Random what now?


A series of 2 great recent videos summarize very well a lot of what I was trying to write about what I think of determinism. What is Random? and What is NOT Random?

But one of them comes to the conclusion the universe isn't deterministic simply by looking at its entropy as we know today. While I think the 4 dimensional universe usually credited as Einstein's idea sounds bogus, I agree with him: the universe must be deterministic. Or, as he said it "God does not play dice". This is one of my hard faith beliefs.

10 years ago I've completely changed my faith pillars such as this one, and when it happened I also felt one of the best feelings I've ever did. Changing the root beliefes, unlike many fear, is quite pleasurable. I'm not sure if it helped me much or not, I'm not where I'd like to be today, so maybe I do need a new brain format... But this isn't it. It's very very far from it, in fact.

I wrote a blog post about this very subject a few months ago, but I was trying to polish it better. Re-reading it now I see I could do it simply by removing some negativity I was adding in the end. Maybe the videos helped me realizing that...

So, what's the point of all this? Well, if you believe the universe isn't deterministic and that God does play dices, then all we can do is hope and have faith in randomness. Maybe that's why I choose to believe otherwise, that way if only for a fraction of second we can determine what's going to happen to 1 single person in 1 single time in the future, to me, that'd be the most satisfying achievements of all. It's either possible to do it or impossible, right? I believe this is possible even if not in my lifetime.

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Well, if you like authoritarian public figures who know a whole lot more than i do, here's yet another evidence to support this idea of deterministic universe or lack of free will, in their words: content://com.podkicker.share.files/all/storage/sdcard1/podkicker/PodkickerDownloads/5c9fa7fe9a6603a03535e5576a24df73--161421692-startalk-startalk-live-big-brains-at-bam-part-3.mp3