Reality philosophy time - mostly about education


I just wrote this on HTG:

Some things in life can't be simply learned through analogies.

It would be really great to have an updated and complete guide of what things are those, though. I have little clue.

And, this on a skype chat:

If ignorance is bliss, knowledge is gift

Not exactly folly to be wise.

By knowledge, in here, I mean deeply understanding how every little single thing that matters to you works.

From the technology, through an orgasm, noticing why cockroaches are disgusting or what's farthest away, a planck (1.6 x 10-35m) or the length of the universe(8.6e+26m), and what that could even mean (couldn't quantum physics be considered to happen entirely in another universe? what if our universe is indeed virtually "infinite" and in a timespace continuum loop connecting each of a 3 axis'ed time dimension into plancks? - I'm just guessing here).

The more aware we become as an living species, the better life becomes for each one of us. Is this, however, a fact? I sure hope so.

We are moving in erratic ways, always in the brick of extincting ourselves by our own merits. Still, we continue to grow, and evolve, somehow. Wouldn't it be spectacular if we could suddenly change this? Or simply continue on harvesting more magic from the world? Or would it be better if we just get wiped by a meteor or global warming?

The mighty time will surely tell.

Meanwhile, we can make everyone's life more enjoyable by finding other ways of challenging our minds than killing each other, fighting over land or energy, and all else Lennon said, by just acquiring conscious of all this whole fantastic existence.

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