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You're right, it is quite simple indeed.

Here's how I've solved it in a few minutes:

Googled for "css disable click" and found:

Which basically confirms your second link's idea. I don't like how he solved it using collection ID though, that doesn't seem right.

Then use Inspector to find where's the click event on your page. Can't really teach this in a few lines, although I could have gone finding a link for you about it (short time right now).

Finally make a very specific CSS to it, and there's no need of !important:

body.collection-type-gallery section#page div.thumb-list span.thumb {
  cursor: default;
  pointer-events: none;

Since you've mentioned "remunerating" and if this did help you, I do appreciate any contributions. wink



First, thanks a mil, for getting back to me...

Dude, you rock, it worked!

How do I make right with you? I mean, I live in SA, how can I pay you? Banking details and such?

There's one-or-two more issues I've picked up in the Wexley template would you be interested?

With optimism.
Tjaart L.


Caue, I noticed the 'Pay' button at the top of this page and donated $25.

I've picked up one-or-two more amendments I would like to make in my website's Wexley template, would you be interested?


With optimism.
Tjaart L.


I'm interested, of course! All steps on how I work are listed on - basically I need you to do what you just did: ask providing as much details (such as the great research you did, eventhough that much wasn't necessary) as possible.

Glad you could find the pay button. I had also linked it on my post, and I'd link it again here if you didn't... smile

But you know what would've help me so much more? If you could indicate me to your marketing specialist. I'm in high needs of improving mine, as I had to fire myself from that role. sweat


I'm interested in this fix as well, but wasn't sure if I insert the code exactly as it was presented in this thread, or if it needed to be tailored to my pages? Any help? Similar to the initial request, I'm just looking to turn off the links entirely from the lightbox/gallery page - so users wouldn't be able to click on the image or text. Any help is hugely appreciated - thanks!


Hi @chadnitschke, and welcome!

Usually codes need to be tailored a lot and if just copying it from here didn't work, there's a chance that's the case.

Another thing that could have gone wrong is if you haven't added it to a right place. There are few places you could add it without anything extra, such as Custom CSS and a Code Block (if you change the display content to CSS).

It will be easier to analyze if you post a link to your website.


Thank you! My site is Insure.VC. I'm trying to shut the links off on both pages - 'About Us' and 'Portfolio'. Those are the only two places I've used gallery/lightbox. Any help is hugely appreciated. I actually haven't tried inserting any code yet -- was a little cautious about doing so as I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly first.



You should try it then.

For any code you try, worst case that can happen is you add the code, something gets broken, you remove the code. Probably nothing will happen, though. As for the code in this page, I can guarantee you it can not break anything.

But, from what I can see, I don't think it will work without customizing it for your page indeed. Here's my shot at it:

div.summary-block-collection-type-gallery div.summary-item-list div.summary-item {
  cursor: default;
  pointer-events: none;

You see, finding out that specific set of CSS rules, the selectors, for your page, is just about learning how to use the very basic things of Inspector, in (almost) any desktop browser.

Here's a how to for that, which I found on first hit from google inspector how to find css selector:

If that works for you, lucky you I got it on the first shot (like I did for @tjaart) wink


Brilliant, it worked -- thanks a million! Let me know if I there is anything I can do to return the favor --

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